22 Years China Factory Chemical-Resistant Heavy Duty Work Bench Pad Mat Custom Rubber Tool Utility Mat For Workbench Top

  • Keep small parts, tools, and components organized during a repair
  • Features multiple small pockets and one large work area
  • Made of a rubber-like PVC that cleans easily and looks great on any bench
  • Measures 14.7″ x 7″ (38cm x 18cm) or customized


22 Years China Factory Chemical-Resistant Heavy Duty Work Bench Pad Mat Custom Rubber Tool Utility Mat For Workbench Top


The anti-static workbench mat is mainly used to prevent electronic circuit boards and other electronic products from being damaged by static electricity.

In the electronic assembly and manufacturing process, static control is essential.

The anti-static workbench mat is made of pure antistatic PVC material with ESD performance. It is lightweight and has thermal insulation properties to protect the workbench.

Haonest ESD anti-static mat is designed to provide an electrostatically safe working surface to protect electrostatic-sensitive equipment.

A larger working surface, independent sub-grid for screws or small parts, can keep the table tidy, you will find it is a necessary tool pad for assembling electronic products, which provides convenience for your work.

  • Make your workbench look professional.
  • A non-slip project mat that protects and keeps your work area clean.
  • Chemical resistant and keeps liquid spills from spreading throughout the workspace.
  • Material: PVC rubber
  • Good design 
  • Make your workbench professional and work more organized
  • Protect and keep your workbench clean
  • Hold liquid or chemical, keep your workspace well parts to keep your project organized and to prevent the loss of small items.
  • Size: accept customized size ,55*40cm
  • Logo and colors: Injected from mold, can use over 5 years with color well

MOQ: 100pcs to get a much better price.

For more information please feel free to email: sales@haonest.com


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